Prayers time

The time is flying and as quick as a wink the year of 2021 is already finished.

Now it is time to reflect about the things that we did and the promises that we put aside in the name of our busy life, fear and laziness or because of something bad that stopped us to accomplish our goals. Despite of the bad moments we must be thankful to the good things that we got it and for being here alive reading this text. Some choose to say thanks God for everything, others prefer to go to the church or temples to thank and also to ask for protection and blessings to the coming New Year. Here in Japan, people are used to go to the temples to ask for blessings.

Regardless of your religion or beliefs do not forget to be thankful and never lose the faith in God and in life, then have a blessed and happy New Year!!!


The autumn’s Colors 21

Every season has its own colors and they can change the landscapes completely into new ones, especially in the north hemisphere. During the beautiful autumn season we can see flowers, trees and plants with shades of brownish, yellowish, reddish, orangish and purple colors.

Kaki (カーキ) tree
Yellow and brown leaves
Falling leaves in a pond
Every fall it is always blooming
Yellow and green

It is also a perfect time for walkings in the parks or in the streets taking a sun bath of vitamin D during the morning or in the sunsets.

A perfect color under the lights

Here in Japan, there are many parks decorated with lights to welcome those people who love to enjoy the colors at night and one of these parks is Nabano no Sato (なばの里) located at Kuwana city, Mie Ken.

Nabano no SaTo

It continues in the next post.

Autumn season is just arrived

The most beautiful season has just arrived here, in the land of the sun rising, that is the beautiful autumn. In my opinion, of course.

Shades of brown and red
A beautiful path covered with yellow leaves
A beautiful piece painted by nature
An artificial pond decorated by the yellow leaves
The gorgeous trees of red color
Another piece created by nature

The places where the pictures were taken are perfect for walking and relax.

P.s Have a perfect autumn time!


Doll and flowers , means dreams, fantasies and the how shirt is the life.

Time of innocence and dreams,

Years where the future seems so distant,

But it comes so fast like a comet,

Transforming the childhood in dust of stars,

And the memories in shooting stars.



Antigo Livro para alfabetização de Branca Alves de Lima
Schoolbook from my childhood

Tempos de inocência e sonhos,

tempos em que o futuro parece tão distante,

mas ele chega tão rápido como um cometa,

e a infância se transforma em poeira de estrelas,

e as lembranças em estrelas cadente.

Márcia Yoshikawa

What is love ?

It is a good question to answer because we always 「hear」 in lyrics of love and in beautiful written posts of mom, dad’s day and so on.

We (son, daughter, mom and fathers ) need to remember that the love is not statement made with beautiful words, attitudes though.

What is love

O que é o amor?

É uma pergunta para ser respondida porque nós sempre ouvimos falar em letras de músicas de amor, em posts de dia das mães, pais e em demais datas.

Nós (filhos, filhas, mães e pais) precisamos lembrar que o amor não é apenas uma declaração de amor com lindas palavras, mas de atitudes.

Spring time

One of the most beautiful season is the spring. It is the time for walking and admiring flowers of all colors and species in the parks, on the streets or in the fields, especially here in the land of sun rising.

Orange  poppy
Red tulip
White Camellia
Pink Cherry  blossom

I do not know the name of most flowers, but they are really beautiful.

P.s I belong to the group of those allergic from pollen . Nothing is perfect , unfortunately.

Uma das bonitas estação do ano é a primavera. Tempo de caminhar e admirar flores de toda as espécies e cores nos campos, nas ruas e nos parques, especialmente na terra do sol nascente.

Na maioria das vezes eu não sei o nome das flores, porém as acho muito lindas.

P.s Pertenço a um grupo seleto de pessoas. a de alérgicos, mas nada é perfeito.

The Japanese universe

Part 1

Today, Japan is mainly known by anime , Sumo sport, cuisine, geisha wearing those beautiful garments, Samurai , the passion for cats and other things.

[Anime and Manga]

Characters from Twisted -wonderland  mobile game
Chocolates from Twisted-wonderland mobile game.

The industry of the entertainment is very creative in creating Anime and Manga. The passion of Japanese for them is so big that you can see people dressed as the characters just for fun and also to attend some kind of event, these people are known like cosplayers. Then, you can see ads in magazines, pamphlets, plates, internet or in anywhere. Bellow, just a few photos from the characters that I found in my house.

Characters from  Twisted -wonderland  game mobile
Characters from Twisted-wonderland game mobile
The character Freezie    from Dragon ball in a cup
Frieza character from Dragon ball anime
Pokémon egg
Radamanthys box  Knights of the Zodiac collection
Knights of the Zodiac (Radamanthys spectrum)
Radamanthys box  knights of the zodiac collection
knights of the zodiac (Radamanthys spectrum)
Knights of the zodiac nox  collection
Front and verse of the box where the knight was.

P.s. In a universe of thousands characters I met those ones in my house; I could post dozens of photos, but I can’t do it because of copyright and also I myself prefer to take pictures to post in my all social media sites.


Living abroad can be an excited experience for many people and frustrating for others. One of the interesting ways to connect with other’s people culture is throughout the gastronomy . It can give us moments of pleasure around a table to try new dishes hearing and sharing about interesting stories and to dive into new cultures.

Brazilian cuisine
Peruvian food
Eating out in a Hawaiian restaurant
A delicious sandwich in a Japanese style
Asian cuisine
Salud !

Viver no exterior pode ser uma boa experiência para uns e péssima para outros. Uma das melhores maneiras de se conectar com outras culturas é através da gastronomia. Ela pode nos proporcionar momentos de alegria em volta de uma mesa para experimentar novos sabores, escutar e compartilhar boas estórias.

A New Year has come

2020 is gone, finally. The first day of 2021 is typically cold on the north hemisphere and very quiet. There is just a few people in the park walking or jogging , then we only can hear the birds singing and watch them flying happily in-between trees and the river that crosses the park.


So, after coming back home, the best thing that we have to do is to stay under the air conditioning drinking a delicious hot coffee, reading, writing and watching some movie, isn’t it?

Taken in a coffee shop some months ago.

Happy New Year!

Taken at the of november

Greetings from Japan.

2020 acabou, enfim. O primeiro dia do ano é tipicamente frio e tranquilo no hemisfério norte. Há poucas pessoas caminhando ou correndo pelo parque, e daí só se pode ouvir o canto dos pássaros e vê-los voando entre as árvores e o riozinho que atravessa o parque.

Então, depois de voltar para casa o melhor para fazer é ficar em casa debaixo do ar condicionado tomando um café quente lendo, escrevendo ou assistindo a um bom filme, não é mesmo?

Lembranças do Japão.

Autumn days

The beautiful autumn has gone so fast, although I have dozens of memories in my mind and also in my camera and I will miss it, for sure.

Na terra do sol

During the autumn I feel free for walking, the temperature is pleasant and there is no pollen to make my nose running like in the spring time.

One of the things that I most like are the bold leaves colors.

The fallen leaves create a beautiful carpet and add more beauty to the landscape.

Even the sky’s color is more beautiful than in the other seasons. Every morning during this time I could watch amazing sunrises from my window.

I hope to see you , again!

Greetings from Japan 🇯🇵

The japanese cuisine

The Japanese cuisine is famous around the world. In most countries, you find a Japanese restaurant, but with some slight difference of taste from the ‘original Japanese cuisine’ according to the country where it is prepared. At least, it was what I noticed when I tried it in Brazil and United States of America, for example. It also happens with other cuisines, when I visited China I drank for the first time the jasmine tea, I just loved it and then, when I came back to Japan I bought one, but its flavor was very different, unfortunately.

Here is the famous yakiniku (the grilled meat) the Japanese barbecue that was introduced by Koreans in Japan. In this restaurant the yakiniku is prepared on a grill and it is accompanied by sauces and it can be eaten with a lot of rice, vegetables and desserts.

The meat is cut very thin

Another food that is loved by the Japanese is the seafood. In every supermarket you will find Sashimi, fishes ready to prepare at home.

Fish roe
This the sample of a bentō that is served in many factories accompanied with rice, misoshiro and green tea.
Western food in a Japanese style