Cold days

The beautiful autumn has gone and it is winter time on the north hemisphere.

The beautiful yellow leaves

Now it is time for eating hot soups, home made dishes, drinking hot beverages, staying curled under the blankets with someone that you adore watching movies and sleeping as a bear.

Lomo saltado, a Peruvian food prepared by my 💙

Just a bit of snow !

For those who live in between snow it is time for playing winter sports. Where I live there’s no snow, just cold winds. I was also wondering about how the seasons change so fast.

The amazing red leaves

A few weeks ago the trees were so colored now its leaves has fallen completely and the days are so gray and shorts. Here, I am trying to find out some beauty and go out to see some beauty in the ‘naked’ trees.

Winter ❄️

Toyota Commemorative Museum of industry and Technology

Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation and the automotive centered Toyota group, was a great and persistent inventor that was considered a weird man that used to spend long hours alone in a room developing a mill to improve the production of looms machine to his family factory . The museum is located at Nagoya City, Aichi st, Japan.

Toyota Museum of industry and Technology
Toyota Museum of industry and Technology

The looms machine

A mill
A prototype car made of wood



The Japanese Art in arranging live flowers with harmony and beauty in vases or others objects using techniques is named Ikebana. The Ikebana is used in religious ceremonies and for decorating houses.


The exhibition took part at Nagoya International Center on 6th and 13th on October month in Nagoya city, Japan.Ikebana

Ikebana flowers arrangement
Ikebana Exhibition
Ikebana exhibition







The Obon Week

Sunset at Rinkū beach, Aichi St, Japan

From 13th to 15th is celebrated the Obon Week (to remember the ancestors spirit) that is observed during the hottest days of August month according to the lunar calendar. It is the time where most people enjoy the holiday going to the beach and rivers, making camping and also travelings.

Obama beach, Fukui st. Photo courtesy by Sayuri

I enjoyed this short week of vacation to rest my body and mind. I had the chance to meet an old friend after long years apart and to visit the place where I first lived here in Japan with those dazzling sceneries made by big mountains, narrow roads, fields of rice, tea and houses at the foot of the mountains that seem so small before the grandeur of the nature especially during the golden hour and sunset (only people who is a nature lover understand what I want to mean) as I told in my last post.

I also love to spend hours gazing the night sky and the sun setting when it is possible, then on this holiday I went to the beach to gaze the sundown, of course, that I still took some time for walking and playing in the water before starting the nature show.

Rinkū beach, Aichi st, Japan.
Obama beach, Fukui st. Photo courtesy of Sayuri.

Well, usually the vacation time goes by so fast, but I will keep the good memories in my mind.

Gamagori, Aichi st, Japan. Photo courtesy of Leo.

Despite not been known for its beaches, except Okinawa island, Japan has a beautiful coastline to explore during the summer time.

Sweets memories from Komono-Cho

After a long and short year late I am here writing in my blog, again. In the beginning of the year a could return to Japan and I am glad, by the way. The happiness is not complete because I had to leave my lovely cat (for a while) and my beloved mom behind, but I hope we will be gathered again, very soon.

A gorgeous sun setting!

This week I had the chance to be back where my journey started here in the land of sun rising, Komono city, where I could meet my old friend Helena and the beautiful mountains. Don’t know exactly what I felt, but about one thing I had sure: I got some inspiration to be writing, again.

Sun setting
The beautiful view from the building that I lived

I remember that I used to admire the beautiful mountains and riding by bike between the rice fields and the narrows streets with its typical Japanese architecture surrounded by the mountains.

Taken from the car during the gold hour.

Komono is a town surrounded by the mountains located in northern of Mie state. It has local attractions like the Mountain Gozaisho that has its top covered in snow during the wintertime where you can skiing and also a cable car for riding in all seasons to enjoy the landscapes from there. Another famous sightseeings are the Yunoyama Onsen for those who love to bath in the hot springs, rivers and also to admire the waterfalls in other spots.

Taken from the car during the golden hour.

How to arrive there: take a train from Kintetsu line in Nagoya City station to Yokkaichi city, there in Yokkaichi station is necessary to get off the train and take a local train to the desired destination.

Wonderful sunsets!
Sakura sta during the sunset in Mie st, Japan.
Sakura sta during the sundown, Mie St, Japan

My trip to Rio

  • It’s been a long time since I wrote up on my blog. A year has passed and nothing new has happened in my life. For now I want to share my trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • 20170919_074840 (2)
  • I’ve always heard on the news the negatives headlines about Rio like shootings, stray Bullets, thefts, armed robbery and killings. Despite of these news, I decided to visit one of the most the famous city in the world.


    I traveled by bus from my city to Rio. The travel last about 11 hours including the long time spent in the halts and a flat tire along the way. The route followed by the bus it took us to dirty and deteriorated places very different from the postcards, but it was a worthwhile trip.


    After arriving at the bus terminal in Rio, the scenery changed completely. I took the modern VLT that crosses the city through the restored harbor area. I got off at Cinelândia and from there I embarked in a metro to Copacabana beach.


    I stayed in a hotel 3 minutes from the beach thanks to my friend Juliana, a travel lover and also a backacker. I had great days there and also my point of view about the city had changed a lot.

    IMG_2091 (2).JPG

    The Public transportation system is organized and also the mobility apps work very well with affordable prices to visit the sightseeings.


    The city is lively and full of restaurants and pubs that serve delicious foods and snacks.


    I recommend to use the mobility apps to visit the city because the drivers usually know all streets and alleys of the city.

    20170917_061123 (2)

    Despite all of the problems faced like any other big city in Brazil as homeless people, high rates of crimes, garbages on the streets and on the beaches, the landscapes and the beaches are really beautiful.


    The pursuit of happiness 

    Wonderful sky 💙

    That’s incredible to think about the things are happening very next to us everyday and also about the explosion of colors and life around us. 

    A gorgeous sun rising 💖

    We used to pay attention to the bigs buildings and mansions, expensive cars and jewelries or in ads of advertising with their bright colors popping up along the way. 

    A beautiful yellow flower 💛

    We usually never take a closer look at the world right under our noses, although. 

    Amazing red ❤

    Maybe that’s one of the reasons that people are always pursuing the happiness and  peace, wishing to find them in the great things of life or in a bottled secret formula even if the happiness and peace can be found in a small things very close to us.

    A pink clover💕

    The beauty in the middle of desolation 

    No matter where we live because the nature is always generous with us. 

    “Wild flowers”

    Even in a hidden yard in a rich or in a humble house you can find a beautiful single blooming lonely flower.

    Dream land (no Photoshop). Taken in south st, Brazil. 

     There are days when you look around and only see desolation, but when you look up you can see a gorgeous clouds above your head leading your mind to a land dream. 

    Dream land ( no Photoshop). Taken in south st, Brazil. 

    Even if you are in the middle of desert the sunset or sundown will amaze your eyes. 

    Cherry trees. Taken near Nagoya city, Japan.

    Some people dislike the rainny days, but if you pay attention you will gonna find some beauty on the raindrops or in a way that birds play with the rain or the way that branches swing along with the wind. 

    Now it’s cold and cloudy despite being in a tropical climate and my soul was feeling abandoned by the universe … when met up a new friend in my garden just opening the door.

    Bella, my new sweet friend 💜

    Missing the colours 

    Shirotori garden

    Today the weather is rainny and fresh despite of the hot climate . Where I am living the seasons are not well-defined, the mornings are cold and the afternoons are hot or vice versa everyday. Lately, I am missing the time that I was used to spend jogging, enjoying the glamours nature and breathing the pure air in the parks of Japan. Over there, the seasons are well-defined, now it’s autumn, time for admiring the red and yellow leaves and for taking amazing pictures of breathtaking landscapes created by the huge colours of the trees that change completely the view into perfect photos for hanging on the wall.

    Shirotori garden
    Shirotori garden
    Shirotori garden


    Missing the colours

    Hoje o dia está chuvoso e fresco apesar do clima quente. Aqui no Brasi as estações não são bem definidas, de manhã é fresco e a tarde é quente ou num faz verão ou no outro faz inverno. Ultimamente estou sentindo saudades dos passeios que costumava fazer nos belos parques do Japão, especialmente no outono quando as paisagens se transformam com a coloração das folhas das árvores em paisagens maravilhosas. Lá, as estações são bem definidas e isso faz com que cada estação seja perfeita para tirar fotos lindas para se pendurar num quadro.


    Itapoá Beach

    Itapoá beach.

    Itapoá is a coastal city located at Santa Catarina state, Brazil . The city is tranquil and has a beautiful beach for taking a rest. The food prices and the restaurants are not so expensive even during the high season. The beaches are quite clean in comparison with other beaches, at least when I was there on April.

    Sunset at Itapoá beach.
    Sunset at Itapoá beach.
    Even the dogs love to enjoy the beach!
    Somewhere on the road.


    A cidade litorânea de Itapoá fica no extremo norte de Santa Catarina. As praias são relativamente limpas se comparadas com outras praias imundas e são tranquilas, pelo menos estavam quando estive lá em abril.

    Neste site do governo estadual de Santa Catarina explica detalhadamente como chegar lá.

    Enchanted seasons in Japan

    Cherryblossom at Gojo river, Iwakura city.
    This is my first article about the time that i spent in Japan. I lived days of sorrows, worries and joys, but here all i want is to share the good, weird and funny memories about a place that is unknown for many people and “rich of myths” of their habits and daily life. The years that i live there it changed completely the way i used to see and live the life, of course, the course of my life. I don´’t why , all the memories that i have are related with the beautiful seasons. Before, never paid attention on sunsets or on sunrises, colours of autumn leaves or on the colours of the sky, for some unknown reason i felt in love with the nature, there.

    Autumn in Japan.

    In my days off, i loved to walk around my home. During the last eight years, i lived beside a river named Gojo surrounded by cherry trees and attended by cute ducks, birds, snakes and others small animals. There were fields of rice that were flooded during the spring and these way becoming home for thousands of frogs and filling  my eyes with amazing views of sunrises and night fall. I have fond memories about the moonlights illuminating the  river and the flooded fields reflecting the beautiful full moon image like a mirror . It is a pity that i tried register those moments with my camera, but i couldn´t  because am only an amateur photographer.


    Estações encantadas ♡

    Este é o meu primeiro artigo sobre o tempo que passei no Japão. Vivo dias de tristeza, preocupações e alegrias, mas só quero compartilhar as boas, estranhas e divertidas memórias de um lugar que é desconhecido por muitos e cheio de mitos sobre seus hábitos e costumes. Os anos que lá vivi mudaram totalmente o jeito de ver e viver a vida. Não sei o porquê, mas todas as lembranças que tenho são relacionadas com a beleza das estações, antes não prestava no nascer e pôr do sol, mas cores das folhas das árvores, porém por alguma razão me apaixonei pela natureza. Nos dias de folga adorava caminhar pelas redondezas. Durante oito anos morei do lado de um Rio chamado Gojo que era cercado por cerejeiras e frequentado por patos e diversos tipos de aves, cobras e pequenos animais. Haviam também campos de arroz que ficavam alagados durante a primavera, é assim tornava lar temporário de milhares de rãs. Guardo doces lembranças das noites de lua cheia iluminando o rio e dos campos alagados que serviam de espelho para a lua, além de proporcionar cenas lindas durante o pôr do sol. É uma pena que não consegui esses momentos noturnoa com minha câmera, mas guardo as imagens no meu coração.






    Ponta Grossa city, Parana St, Brazil.

    Ponta Grossa city.

    Ponta Grossa city is located at the south of Parana state and it was officially founded in 1823. The city has about 400. 000 inhabitants and it is one of the major cities of the state. There are many important factories installed like Heineken, Mars and Terra Pak, for example. Ponta Grossa also is an important producer of corn, black beans and soy. The place is surrounded by a beautiful nature that is perfect for those people who like to explore the life in open air, however the city don’t offer infrastructure for the tourists and residents to explore the outdoor trips, unfortunately.

    Soy plantation near Vila Velha State Park, Parana St, Brazil.
    Parque ambiental is one of the parks clean for walking and cultural activities.
    An old train station preserved.