The beauty in the middle of desolation 

No matter where we live because the nature is always generous with us. 

“Wild flowers”

Even in a hidden yard in a rich or in a humble house you can find a beautiful single blooming lonely flower.

Dream land (no Photoshop). Taken in south st, Brazil. 

 There are days when you look around and only see desolation, but when you look up you can see a gorgeous clouds above your head leading your mind to a land dream. 

Dream land ( no Photoshop). Taken in south st, Brazil. 

Even if you are in the middle of desert the sunset or sundown will amaze your eyes. 

Cherry trees. Taken near Nagoya city, Japan.

Some people dislike the rainny days, but if you pay attention you will gonna find some beauty on the raindrops or in a way that birds play with the rain or the way that branches swing along with the wind. 

Now it’s cold and cloudy despite being in a tropical climate and my soul was feeling abandoned by the universe … when met up a new friend in my garden just opening the door.

Bella, my new sweet friend đź’ś