My trip to Rio

It’s been a long time since I wrote up on my blog. A year has passed and nothing new has happened into my life. For now I want to share my trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.20170919_074840 (2)
I’ve always heard on the news the negatives headlines about Rio like shootings, stray Bullets, thefts, armed robbery and killings. Despite of these news, I decided to visit one of the most the famous city in the world.20170918_134633-1
I traveled by bus from my city to Rio. The travel last about 11 hours including the long time spent in the halts and a flat tire along the way. The route followed by the bus it took us to dirty and deteriorated places very different from the postcards, but it was a worthwhile trip. IMG_2118.JPGAfter arriving at the bus terminal in Rio, the scenery changed completely. I took the modern VLT that crosses the city through the restored harbor area. I got off at Cinelândia and from there I embarked in a metro to Copacabana beach.IMG_2094 I stayed in a hotel 3 minutes from the beach thanks to my friend Juliana, a travel lover and also a backacker. I had great days there and also my point of view about the city had changed a lot. IMG_2091 (2).JPGThe Public transportation system is organized and also the mobility apps work very well with affordable prices to visit the sightseeings. 20170917_181444The city is lively and full of restaurants and pubs that serve delicious foods and snacks. 20170917_055940.jpgI recommend to use the mobility apps to visit the city because the drivers usually know all streets and alleys of the city.20170917_061123 (2)
Despite all of the problems faced like any other big city in Brazil as homeless people, high rates of crimes, garbages on the streets and on the beaches, the landscapes and the beaches are really beautiful.20170919_064912