The beauty in the middle of desolation 

No matter where we live because the nature is always generous with us. 

“Wild flowers”

Even in a hidden yard in a rich or in a humble house you can find a beautiful single blooming lonely flower.

Dream land (no Photoshop). Taken in south st, Brazil. 

 There are days when you look around and only see desolation, but when you look up you can see a gorgeous clouds above your head leading your mind to a land dream. 

Dream land ( no Photoshop). Taken in south st, Brazil. 

Even if you are in the middle of desert the sunset or sundown will amaze your eyes. 

Cherry trees. Taken near Nagoya city, Japan.

Some people dislike the rainny days, but if you pay attention you will gonna find some beauty on the raindrops or in a way that birds play with the rain or the way that branches swing along with the wind. 

Now it’s cold and cloudy despite being in a tropical climate and my soul was feeling abandoned by the universe … when met up a new friend in my garden just opening the door.

Bella, my new sweet friend ūüíú

Itapo√° Beach

Itapo√° beach.

Itapo√° is a coastal city located at Santa Catarina state, Brazil . The city is tranquil and has a beautiful beach for taking a rest. The food prices and the restaurants are not so expensive even during the high season. The beaches are quite clean in comparison with other beaches, at least when I was there on April.

Sunset at Itapo√° beach.
Sunset at Itapo√° beach.
Even the dogs love to enjoy the beach!
Somewhere on the road.


A cidade litor√Ęnea de Itapo√° fica no extremo norte de Santa Catarina. As praias s√£o relativamente limpas se comparadas com outras praias imundas e s√£o tranquilas, pelo menos estavam quando estive l√° em abril.

Neste site do governo estadual de Santa Catarina explica detalhadamente como chegar l√°.

Enchanted seasons in Japan

Cherryblossom at Gojo river, Iwakura city.

This is my first article about the time that i spent in Japan. I lived days of sorrows, worries and joys, but here all i want is to share the good, weird and funny memories about a place that is unknown for many people and “rich of myths” of their habits and daily life. The years that i live there it changed completely the way i used to see and live the life, of course, the course of my life. I don¬ī’t why , all the memories that i have are related with the beautiful seasons. Before, never paid attention on sunsets or on sunrises, colours of autumn leaves or on the colours of the sky, for some unknown reason i felt in love with the nature, there.

Autumn in Japan.

In my days off, i loved to walk around my home. During the last eight years, i lived beside a river named Gojo surrounded by cherry trees and attended by cute ducks, birds, snakes and others small animals. There were fields of rice that were flooded during the spring and these way becoming home for thousands of frogs and filling  my eyes with amazing views of sunrises and night fall. I have fond memories about the moonlights illuminating the  river and the flooded fields reflecting the beautiful full moon image like a mirror . It is a pity that i tried register those moments with my camera, but i couldn¬īt  because am only an amateur photographer.


Esta√ß√Ķes encantadas ‚ô°

Este √© o meu primeiro artigo sobre o tempo que passei no Jap√£o. Vivo dias de tristeza, preocupa√ß√Ķes e alegrias, mas s√≥ quero compartilhar as boas, estranhas e divertidas mem√≥rias de um lugar que √© desconhecido por muitos e cheio de mitos sobre seus h√°bitos e costumes. Os anos que l√° vivi mudaram totalmente o jeito de ver e viver a vida. N√£o sei o porqu√™, mas todas as lembran√ßas que tenho s√£o relacionadas com a beleza das esta√ß√Ķes, antes n√£o prestava no nascer e p√īr do sol, mas cores das folhas das √°rvores, por√©m por alguma raz√£o me apaixonei pela natureza. Nos dias de folga adorava caminhar pelas redondezas. Durante oito anos morei do lado de um Rio chamado Gojo que era cercado por cerejeiras e frequentado por patos e diversos tipos de aves, cobras e pequenos animais. Haviam tamb√©m campos de arroz que ficavam alagados durante a primavera, √© assim tornava lar tempor√°rio de milhares de r√£s. Guardo doces lembran√ßas das noites de lua cheia iluminando o rio e dos campos alagados que serviam de espelho para a lua, al√©m de proporcionar cenas lindas durante o p√īr do sol. √Č uma pena que n√£o consegui esses momentos noturnoa com minha c√Ęmera, mas guardo as imagens no meu cora√ß√£o.






Ponta Grossa city, Parana St, Brazil.

Ponta Grossa city.

Ponta Grossa city is located at the south of Parana state and it was officially founded in 1823. The city has about 400. 000 inhabitants and it is one of the major cities of the state. There are many important factories installed like Heineken, Mars and Terra Pak, for example. Ponta Grossa also is an important producer of corn, black beans and soy. The place is surrounded by a beautiful nature that is perfect for those people who like to explore the life in open air, however the city don’t offer infrastructure for the tourists and residents to explore the outdoor trips, unfortunately.

Soy plantation near Vila Velha State Park, Parana St, Brazil.
Parque ambiental is one of the parks clean for walking and cultural activities.
An old train station preserved.

The Historical Carambe√≠ Park

It’s a beautiful open museum.

The Historical Carambe√≠ Park is a open museum that was created to pay tribute to the immigrants dutches that established the municipality of “Carambeih” and also founded a very important dairy products cooperative that contributes with the local economy. 

The Holland architecture.

Another important contribution is the cultural heritage; you can see the influence of the culture in the style of the architecture, cuisine and religion.

A Protestant church

The park is a beautiful and tranquil place for people who love to take pictures and take a time to relax with the family or friends. There you can see the typical owls of the region and also the horses grazing and embellishing the landscape and also to contemplate a beautiful horizon feeling like somewhere in Europe.

A scared owl.

An old slaughterhouse.
Train station

The park is located in the municipality of Carambei in Parana State, Brazil.

Open time
From 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Closed on mondays.

For further information call 55 (42) 32315063.


Parque Histórico de Carambeí

O parque é um museu à céu aberto que foi criado para homenagear e contar a história dos imigrantes holandesas que fundaram o município de Carambeí e também uma importante fábrica de laticínios que contribui com a economia local.
Os holandeses também deixaram uma herança cultural que você ver na arquitetura do local, na religião e na culinária.
O parque é um lugar tranquilo e bonito ideal para pessoas que gostam de tirar fotografias, passear com a família e amigos. No parque é possível encontrar as corujinhas típicas da região dos Campos Gerais e ainda ver os cavalos pastando que embelezam ainda mais a paisagem, além de se sentir em algum lugar na Europa.

O parque está localizado no município de Carambeí, Paraná e fica na entrada do município que fica sinalizada por um portal.
De Curitiba para Ponta Grossa você pega a rodovia 277 e quando entrar na cidade de Ponta Grossa você segue sentindo norte para chegar na PR 151 (sentido Castro) e aí só prestar atenção nas placas. No sentido Castro vire a esquerda passando por debaixo da ponte e do portal da cidade.

Para informa√ß√Ķes mais detalhadas ligue para (42) 3231-5063.

O parque fica aberto das 11:00 às 18:00 horas.

Fechado às segundas.

Vila Velha St Park, Brazil.

‚ÄčThe Park is formed by Sandstones, Pitches and the Golden lake.

Arenitos (Sandstones).
Arenitos datado de milhares de anos. (Sandstones dated from thousand years).

For a long time the park had its sandstones “damaged” by vandals who used to write their names on the rocks or by people who wanted to climb the stones or to carry a piece of rock like a souvenir.  Now, it is a preserved area and the visitors are conducted by guides through the trails to preserve the sculptures created by the nature. There, you can see squirrels, lizards, ocelots, owls, little spotted cat and others species. It is allowed to ride by bike in the park, but it’s necessary to call before.

Arenitos datado de milhares de anos. Sandstones dated from thousand years).

The only problem is for those who love to take pictures like me. The trip is guided, so you don’t have too much time for choosing the best angles for your photos. That’s why, don’t forget to set your camera first.

Arenitos (Sandstones).
Furnas (Pitches).
Arenitos (Sandstones).

Location and time:
The park opens from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Road 376 Km 28
For further informations in english or portuguese call 55(42)3228-1138
Closed on Tuesdays.


Parque Estadual de Vila Velha, Paran√°, Brasil.

O parque √© formado pelos Arenitos,   Furnas e a Lagoa Dourada, mas eles ficam distantes um do outro.
Por um longo tempo o parque teve seus arenitos destru√≠dos por v√Ęndalos que escreviam seus nomes nas rochas e que costumavam levar peda√ßos delas como souvenirs. Felizmente, agora o parque de tornou uma √°rea de  preserva√ß√£o, da√≠ a fauna e a flora est√° sendo preservada. L√° voc√™ pode encontrar esquilos, lagartos, jaguatiricas, corujas, gatos-do-mato, entre outros. O local tamb√©m pode ser percorrido por bicicleta, mas primeiro deve ser feito o agendamento. 

J√° para quem gosta de tirar fotos como eu fica um pouquinho complicado porque a visita √© acompanha por guias tur√≠sticos e a√≠ n√£o d√° muito tempo para ficar procurando o melhor √Ęngulo das rochas, por isso programe sua m√°quina antes de iniciar o passeio.
Localiza√ß√£o e hor√°rio de funcionamento 
O parque abre das 8:30 √†s 15:30 e 

para chegar ao parque voc√™ vai pela rodovia BR 376 sentido a cidade de Ponta Grossa no Paran√° ou se voc√™ se estiver vindo da fronteira sentido a Curitiba √© s√≥ ficar atento as placas. Tamb√©m √© poss√≠vel ir de √īnibus  indo do Terminal de Oficinas pagando apenas o valor de passagem local, por√©m o √īnibus te deixa na parada da rodovia e a√≠ voc√™ tem que atravessar a rodovia, mas n√£o se preocupe √© pertinho. 

Parque Estadual Vila Velha : (42)3228-1138

Viação Campos Gerais: (42)3311-4040
Fechado às terças


Conhecendo o Brasil

¬†The Vila ¬†Velha St. Park is located in Parana State and situated at the south of Brazil. The park is formed by sandstones sculptures in various kind of formats sculpted by the nature ‚ėÜ


O Parque Estadual Vila Velha est√° localizado no estado do Paran√° no sul do Brasil. O parque √© formado por esculturas de arenitos em diversos formatos esculpidos pela natureza ‚ėÜ